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116 Use Your Mind To Heal Your Mold & Lyme with Dr. Diane Mueller

Episode Notes

Mysterious and unrecognized symptoms can leave you feeling overwhelmed and confused about what protocols to implement, whom to trust and where to put your resources.

Dr. Diane Mueller believes that "there is NO one size fits all in medicine" and that different people respond to different therapies and approaches. She speaks from both experience and education!

This episode is packed with practical advice about:

-Doctor Hopping-"When to hop and when to stop."
-Mindset (Fight) + Action (Heal)
-Medical PTSD
-Reacting vs. Responding
-Decision Fatigue
-Pulsating Microbials
-Social Isolation
-Pathological responses that impact your cortisol levels
-Creating a HEALTHY internal dialogue (One of my favorite topics)

Since restoring her own health and recovering from neurological Lyme disease she utilizes these insights to help patients that are stuck, confused, and suffering.

Her "Super-Power" (or super skill) is that she empowers patients to "ask the right questions." If you can learn to ASK, advocate and implement, you will begin to discover which medical approach is right for you.

*Friends, if you pay close attention to this accidental journey, you too can discover super-skills. (Send me a message and tell me about yours. It'll seriously make my day!!! If you tell me your super skill, I'll tell you one of mine!)


As a survivor of Lyme Disease and Mold Illness, Dr. Mueller is passionate about bringing research, understanding, and compassion to those with these diseases. Dr. Mueller holds a dual doctorate, one in naturopathic medicine and a second one in acupuncture and oriental medicine. Her mission is in bringing truth and transparency about the current research, treatment modalities, and clinical insights to her CO and national community.

She has co-authored a book that is to be released in May 2021 called Use Your Mind to Heal Your Mold and Lyme. Her practice, the Medicine With Heart Clinic, treats those around the country. She also co-owns an online functional medicine school the Medicine With Heart Institute, where she trains clinicians around the world in functional medicine.

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Envita Medical Center: A Center of Excellence for Personalized Oncology and Lyme Disease Treatment located in Scottsdale, AZ. At Envita they have discovered a revolutionary solution for patients to help improve their quality of life.

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Urbane Medical A boutique ketamine infusion center located in Scottsdale, AZ. Who specializes in a "hospitable" environment rather than a hospital environment. Ketamine can promote a sense of wellbeing, decreases brain fog, and reduce chronic nerve pain.

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Little Bite, BIG TROUBLE A Bird's Eye View of Chronic Lyme Disease. This winsome children's book articulates the complexities of parenting with a chronic illness. It gives families a deeper understanding of invisible disabilities and why their lives, households, and daily activities might look different from their friends.

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